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Prepare Thyself: June 8 – June 14

It’s a big week. Period.

Red Wings

  • Tuesday, June 9 at Pittsburgh – 8:00 PM (Game 6) (NBC)
  • Friday, June 12 vs. Pittsburgh – 8:00 PM (Game 7) (If Necessary) (NBC)


  • Monday, June 8 at Chicago (DH) – 2:05 PM/8:11 PM (FS Detroit)
  • Tuesday, June 9 at Chicago – 8:11 PM (FS Detroit)
  • Wednesday, June 10 at Chicago – 8:11 PM (FS Detroit)
  • Thursday, June 11 at Chicago – 2:05 PM (FS Detroit)
  • Friday, June 12 at Pittsburgh – 7:05 PM (FS Detroit)
  • Saturday, June 13 at Pittsburgh – 7:05 PM (FS Detroit)
  • Sunday, June 14 at Pittsburgh – 1:35 PM (FS Detroit)

Game of the Week

Red Wings: Tuesday, June 9 at Pittsburgh – 8:00 PM (NBC)

No matter what happens, this is the NHL’s final week for the 2009 season. Lord Stanley will be in the house on Tuesday, as the Wings look to keep his highness in the Motor City for one more year. This is as big as it gets.


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Prepare Thyself: June 1 – June 7

A day late but hopefully not a dollar short, I’m finally getting around to posting your weekly PT guide. But before we get to the good stuff, let’s take care of a bit of housekeeping first.

Given the natural changing of the seasons and the unrelenting passage of time, quite a few of the squads being tracked in this column have either completed their seasons or are nearing the completion of their respective campaigns. Despite these sad happenings, SIM will dutifully move forward, providing you with news, analysis and the random musings you have become accustomed to seeing.

However, I am hoping to take the blog back in a more balanced direction, given that most of the coverage is now just that, coverage. I’ve gotten away from the opinion pieces that dominated the early part of this blog’s short life, and I’ve received feedback asking for more of that kind of writing.

With that in mind, and because of the aforementioned dwindling of active teams, I’m going to cut back a bit on the weekly “PT” column, reducing it down to only the most pertinent information that you, the reader/viewer, need for the upcoming week in Michigan sports. The goal here being 1) less time trying to cram some small bit of analysis into a long article and 2) more opportunity to cram more in depth analysis/opinions into a separate article.

So without further ado, here’s what’s on tap this week:

Red Wings

  • Tuesday, June 2 at Pittsburgh – 8:00 PM (Game 3) (Versus)
  • Thursday, June 4 at Pittsburgh – 8:00 PM (Game 4) (Versus)
  • Saturday, June 6 vs. Pittsburgh – 8:00 PM (Game 5) (If Necessary) (NBC)


  • Tuesday, June 2 vs. Boston – 7:05 PM (FS Detroit)
  • Wednesday, June 3 vs. Boston – 7:05 PM (FS Detroit)
  • Thursday, June 4 vs. Boston – 1:05 PM (FS Detroit)
  • Friday, June 5 vs. LA Angels – 7:05 PM (FS Detroit)
  • Saturday, June 6 vs. LA Angels – 7:05 PM (FS Detroit)
  • Sunday, June 7 vs. LA Angels – 1:05 PM (FS Detroit)

Game of the Week

Red Wings: Thursday, June 4 at Pittsburgh – 8:00 PM (Versus)

Every one of these Stanley Cup Final games are huge, but Game 4 will be pivotal. Either the Wings will be up 3-0 looking to close out their 12th Stanley Cup, or they will be playing to avoid a series tied at two heading back to Detroit.

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Prepare Thyself: May 18 – May 24

It’s all about the “D” this week, now that Michigan baseball’s season has come to an end (Check back later today for more on the disappointing season for the Wolverines baseball squad.) However, there were still plenty of positives from the week that was, so let’s get to the breakdown.

To the good stuff…

  • The Red Wings started the week off on a rough note, falling to the Ducks in Game 6 of the Western semis, but bounced back for a clutch win in Game 7 to advance to their third straight Western Conference Final. The Wings then shook off the early rust, and defeated the Chicago Blackhawks to take a 1-0 lead in the series.
  • The Tigers got swept by the Twins in the house of horrors known as the Metrodome, but bounced back to complete a three game sweep of the visiting Oakland A’s.
  • Michigan baseball watched the season come to an end at the hands of Northwestern, as the Wolverines couldn’t get the job done in Evanston and secure a bid for the Big Ten tournament. The baseballers finish with a record of 30-25.

Numbers? Numbers

  • Red Wings: 2-1
  • Tigers: 3-3
  • Michigan Baseball: 3-2

Grand total: 8-6

Team of the Week

With grit, determination and a ferocious passion, the Red Wings muscled past the Ducks in an intense Game 7, returning to the Western Conference Finals for the third straight year. That gets them the nod as your Motown “team of the week.”

Without further ado, the matchups for the week:

Red Wings

  • Tuesday, May 19 vs. Chicago – 7:30 PM (Game 2) (Versus)
  • Friday, May 22 at Chicago – 8:00 PM (Game 3) (Versus)
  • Sunday, May 24 at Chicago – 3:00 PM (Game 4) (NBC)


  • Tuesday, May 19 vs. Texas – 7:05 PM (FS Detroit)
  • Wednesday, May 20 vs. Texas – 7:05 PM (FS Detroit)
  • Thursday, May 21 vs. Texas – 1:05 PM (FS Detroit)
  • Friday, May 22 vs. Colorado– 7:05 PM (FS Detroit)
  • Saturday, May 23 vs. Colorado – 7:05 PM (FS Detroit)
  • Sunday, May 24 vs. Colorado – 1:05 PM (FS Detroit)

Game of the Week

Red Wings: Tuesday, May 19 vs. Chicago – 7:30 PM (Versus)


Look, all of the WCF games are going to be important. I’ll go ahead and say Game 2 is the biggest one…to date. If the Wings can take both games at home, they put themselves in a great position in this series, especially if they can steal one on the road. But if the young, hungry ‘Hawks can bounce back and steal one at the Joe, the series gets a whole lot more intense heading back to the Windy City.

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Prepare Thyself: May 11 – May 17

After a week off due to recovery time from a trip to Michigan and the impending arrival of Momma CHollis in Seattle for Mother’s Day, it’s time to welcome back “PT”. I want to also take a second to wish the Pistons “bon voyage”, as their PT presence is now officially gone until next season.

To the good stuff…

  • The Red Wings continued their dog fight in their Western Conference semifinal matchup with the Ducks, taking a tough loss on Tuesday night (coughcoughBradWatsoncoughcough), but bouncing back to drop the Ducks on both Thursday night in Anaheim and Sunday afternoon in Detroit.
  • The Tigers split a two game series at home against the Twins, got rained out in Chicago, lost to the White Sox, and then swept the Indians in a three game series in Cleveland.
  • Michigan baseball took a pair against Western Michigan early in the week, then went 1-2 against Big Ten opponent Minnesota at home this weekend.

Numbers? Numbers

  • Red Wings: 2-1
  • Tigers: 4-2
  • Michigan Baseball: 3-2

Grand total: 9-5

Team of the Week


Your Detroit Tigers. The Tigers did some good work against divisional opponents this past week, including earning their first series sweep in Cleveland since 1990. With some help from the Angels, the Tigers also managed to jump back into a first place tie in the AL Central with the Royals heading into this week.

Without further ado, the matchups for the week:

Red Wings

  • Tuesday, May 12 at Anaheim – 10:00 PM (Game 6) (Versus)
  • Thursday, May 14 vs. Anaheim – TBD (Game 7) (If Necessary)


  • Tuesday, May 12 at Minnesota – 8:10 PM (FS Detroit +)
  • Wednesday, May 13 at Minnesota – 8:10 PM (FS Detroit)
  • Thursday, May 14 at Minnesota – 1:10 PM (FS Detroit)
  • Friday, May 15 vs. Oakland– 7:05 PM (FS Detroit)
  • Saturday, May 16 vs. Oakland – 7:05 PM (FS Detroit)
  • Sunday, May 17 vs. Oakland – 1:05 PM (FS Detroit)

Michigan Baseball

  • Tuesday, May 12 vs. Ball State (DH) – 3:05 PM
  • Thursday, May 14 at Northwestern – 4:00 PM
  • Friday, May 15 at Northwestern -  4:00 PM
  • Saturday, May 16 at Northwestern – 2:00 PM

Game of the Week

Red Wings: Tuesday, May 12 at Anaheim – 10:00 PM (Versus)


It’s really simple: win and you move on the the Western Conference Finals. Lose, and it’s back to Detroit for a Game 7, where anything can happen. Let’s hope for the former.

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Prepare Thyself: April 27 – May 3


I chose to open with Bono because I’m currently listening to “Beautiful Day” and found the song extra inspiring this week. In fact, it is just downright fitting.

Why? Well…

  • The Red Wings put the SWEEP on the Blue Jackets, and did it in an amazing fashion. Yes, the series was pretty much over heading into game 4, but watching Franzen score with under a minute to go and twist the knife even deeper into those Columbus fans was an awesome feeling. (This statement written entirely as a Michigan “I hate the Buckeyes” fan.)
  • The Tigers completed a nine game road trip with a 5-4 record and sole possession of first place in the AL Central.
  • The Pistons got routed and bounced out of the playoffs, which means that the exercise in futility that was Michael Curry’s first season is now over. No longer do I have to bite my tongue and try and write coherent thoughts and statements about the team and their fearless leader. I can now unleash my lexicon in a verbal assault on the eyes and ears of any who will listen. And believe me, the storm is coming. It also means I don’t have to pretend like I watched the ghastly performances of DEEETROIT BAAAASKETBALL each and every night. Thank God.
  • But most of all, it’s a beautiful day because I AM HEADED TO DETROIT ON THURSDAY! Oh I cannot wait. A weekend in the Motor City for baseball, gambling, adult beverages and (hopefully) a Wings game sounds like the perfect remedy for my stressed out mind. For anyone interested in hanging out, drop me a line (christopher DOT j DOT hollis @ gmail DOT com) or hit me up on twitter (@chollis). Looking forward to hearing from everyone.

Numbers? Numbers

  • Red Wings: 2-0
  • Tigers: 3-3
  • Pistons: 0-3
  • Michigan Baseball: 2-3

Grand total: 7-9

Team of the Week


Red Wings. See: “Torturing Columbus fans/city” comment above. And they swept them. No contest.

Without further ado, the matchups for the week:

Red Wings

  • TBD
  • **I’m keeping my fingers crossed for Game 1 to take place on Thursday or Saturday night, as I can definitely make one of those since they don’t interfere with Tigers baseball. C’mon hockey gods!


  • Monday, April 27 vs. New York Yankees – 7:05 PM (FS Detroit)
  • Tuesday, April 28 vs. New York Yankees – 7:05 PM (FS Detroit)
  • Wednesday, April 29 vs. New York Yankees – 7:05 PM (FS Detroit)
  • Friday, May 1 vs. Cleveland – 7:05 PM (FS Detroit)
  • Saturday, May 2 vs. Cleveland – 3:40 PM (FOX)
  • Sunday, May 3 vs. Cleveland – 1:05 PM (FSN Detroit)

Michigan Baseball

  • Friday, May 1 at Ohio State – 7:00 PM
  • Saturday, May 2 at Ohio State – 1:00 PM
  • Sunday, May 3 at Ohio State –  1:00 PM

Game of the Week

Tigers: Friday, May 1 vs. Cleveland – 7:05 PM (FS Detroit)


Look, it’s early in the season, so this game can’t have alot of significance as it pertains to the standings, but I don’t care. It’s my first trip to the COPA in a long time. I’m pumped. Deal with it.

Administrative Stuff: I will be taking the computer with me and will be blogging at random points throughout the trip. Have a question? Ask. I’m also hoping to meet up with a bunch of the local folks on twitter, so look for me to be updating regularly.

And since I have a five hour flight, I have plenty of time to get some new posts put together. So rather than pounding out a disjointed column late at night, some of the upcoming ones might actually make some sense. Might.

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Prepare Thyself: April 20 – April 26

As promised, I have finally pried myself away from the real world, and am back here to provide the analysis, chatter and generally incorrect speculation that you so desire. Yes, I missed you too.

Down to business. Even though I DID miss a week of wins and losses, I don’t really feel like breaking it all out for two weeks. Therefore, here’s what went down last week:

  • Red Wings: 2-0
  • Tigers: 3-2
  • Pistons: 0-3
  • Michigan Baseball: 2-3

Grand total: 7-8

  • The Red Wings opened up the playoffs with many critics and fans wondering which team would show up.  After dropping three straight to end the regular season, the Wings kicked off the playoffs in style, dropping Columbus 4-1 and 4-0, respectively.
  • The Tigers followed up a sweep of the Rangers with a split against the White Sox (with one rainout) and then started a West coast trip by taking 2 of 3 from the Mariners (wooo!). 
  • The Pistons also limped into the playoffs…and kept limping, getting routed by the Cavs in game 1 of the Eastern playoffs.
  • Michigan baseball keeps on underachieving, losing a pair to MSU and losing another against Eastern Michigan. They did, however, get a road win against MSU to end the week.

Team of the Week

Detroit's Henrik Zetterberg, left, and Jiri Hudler celebrate Zetterberg's game winning goal late in the third period.    Photos are of the Detroit Red Wings vs. the Colorado Avalanche at Joe Louis Arena, February 1, 2008.(David Guralnick / The Detroit News)

It’s gotta be the Red Wings. After really struggling at the end of the regular season and perhaps even being “bored” (if you believe Chris Osgood), the boys powered into the playoffs by winning two at home in very convincing fashion. This team constantly promised that they would be ready for the playoffs, and so far, they haven’t disappointed.

Honorable Mention: I have to give a shout out and some serious props to the Tigers too. They came out West and took two of three from one of the AL’s top early teams, and in the process provided me with two days of entertainment at Safeco Field. I have to admit, I am REALLY pumped up for baseball this year, and getting to see the boys this weekend just reinforced that excitement. I can’t wait to get to Detroit in two weeks for the weekend series against Cleveland. Thanks boys.


Without further ado, the matchups for the week:

Red Wings

  • Tuesday, April 21 at Columbus (Game 3) – 7:00 PM (FSN Detroit)
  • Thursday, April 23 at Columbus (Game 4) – 7:00 PM (FSN Detroit)
  • Saturday, April 25 vs. Columbus (Game 5 – If Needed) 7:00 PM (Versus)


  • Tuesday, April 21 at LAA of Anaheim – 10:05 PM (FSN Detroit)
  • Wednesday, April 22 at LAA of Anaheim – 10:05 PM (FSN Detroit)
  • Thursday, April 23 at LAA of Anaheim – 10:05 PM (FSN Detroit)
  • Friday, April 24 at Kansas City – 8:10 PM (FS Plus)
  • Saturday April 25 at Kansas City – 7:10 PM (FSN Detroit)
  • Sunday, April 26 at Kansas City – 2:10 PM (FSN Detroit)


  • Tuesday, April 21 at Cleveland (Game 2) – 8:00 PM (TNT)
  • Friday, April 24 vs. Cleveland (Game 3) – 7:00 PM (ESPN)
  • Sunday, April 26 vs. Cleveland (Game 4) – 3:30 PM (ABC)

Michigan Baseball

  • Tuesday, April 21 vs. Notre Dame – 7:05 PM
  • Wednesday, April 22 at Notre Dame – 6:05 PM
  • Friday, April 24 vs. Indiana- 6:35 PM
  • Saturday, April 25 vs. Indiana – 1:05 PM
  • Sunday, April 26 vs. Indiana -  1:05 PM

Game of the Week

Red Wings: Thursday, April 23 at Columbus (Game 4) – 7:00 PM (FSN Detroit)


It’s a huge game no matter how it shakes out. A win on Tuesday, and we can sweep the Jackets. If we lose on Tuesday and then win on Thursday, we head home with a chance to clinch. If we lose on Tuesday and again on Thursday, it’s a best-of-three series and I’m probably crying myself to sleep. No matter what, it’s a big game.

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Breaking down the NHL Western Conference

*From Winging It In Motown, your home for the most comprehensive Red Wings playoff coverage.

After an incredibly competitive race for the playoffs, the Western conference participants have finally been decided. Let’s break down the teams, players and story lines that will lead us to a Campbell bowl winner, and the Western Conference representative in the Stanley Cup Finals.


Here’s how the West finished up:

  1. San Jose – (53-18-11, 117 pts)
  2. Detroit – (51-21-10, 112 pts)
  3. Vancouver – (45-27-10, 100 pts)
  4. Chicago – (46-24-12, 104 pts)
  5. Calgary – (46-30-6, 98 pts)
  6. St. Louis – (41-31-10, 92 pts)
  7. Columbus – (41-31-10, 92 pts)
  8. Anaheim – (42-33-7, 91 pts)

1. San Jose Sharks

New coach Todd McLellan came in and took a team that had come so close to winning a regular season conference championship in the past, and finally threw the monkey off the back. However, a President’s Trophy does not make a postseason, and it’s no surprise that the knock on the Sharks right now is whether or not they can get over the playoff hump. But GM Doug Wilson opened the pocketbook this season, and added Dan Boyle, Rob Blake and Brad Lukowich over the summer, as well as Claude Lemiuex, Travis Moen and Kent Huskins during the season. After a heartbreaking loss to the Stars in the conference semifinals last year, and adding playoff experienced players to the roster, this Sharks squad is primed to break through and finally meet expectations.

Points: 86 ~ Joe Thornton

Goals: 38 ~ Patrick Marleau

Assists: 61 ~ Joe Thornton

Plus/Minus: +16 ~ Devin Setoguchi, Joe Thornton, Patrick Marleau / -18 ~ Travis Moen

Penalty Minutes: 116 ~ Jody Shelley

Last 10 Games: 5-4-1

2. Detroit Red Wings

The defending Stanley Cup champions completed a fourth straight season with at least 50 wins, and are loaded with talent up front and on the blue line. Henrik Zetterberg and Pavel Datsyuk continued to thrive this season, and Johan Franzen continued to mature into a big time player and goal scorer. With the addition of Marian Hossa, the Wings can score goals in bunches. On defense, Nicklas Lidstrom was again the definition of consistency, and veteran Brian Rafalski had a banner year as well. The big question mark all season for the boys from Motown has been between the pipes, with Chris Osgood and Ty Conklin splitting time throughout the season. Osgood gets the nod to open the playoffs, but Conklin is waiting in the wings if Ozzie slips. Even with the plethora of talent that the Wings posses, they limp into the playoffs on a three game losing skid, and will have to get the bad taste out of their mouths quickly if they want to make a deep run.

Points: 97 ~ Pavel Datsyuk

Goals: 40 ~ Marian Hossa

Assists: 65 ~ Pavel Datsyuk

Plus/Minus: +34 ~ Pavel Datsyuk / -13 ~ Kris Draper

Penalty Minutes: 66 ~ Andreas Lilja

Last 10 Games: 3-6-1

3. Vancouver Canucks

The Canucks are the definition of a comeback team, rallying to win the Northwest Division late in the season only a few short months after going winless in eight straight games in January. Anchored up front by Henrik and Daniel Sedin, the ‘Nucks have found additional scoring in Alex Burrows and Ryan Kesler. When it comes to goaltending, Roberto Luongo is still one of the league’s best, despite being limited to only 54 appearances this season with a groin injury. If Luongo can get hot, and the scoring can stay up, the Canucks will be a force to be reckoned with in the West.

Points: 82 ~ Daniel Sedin, Henrik Sedin

Goals: 31 ~ Daniel Sedin

Assists: 60 ~ Henrik Sedin

Plus/Minus: +29 ~ Willie Mitchell / -5 ~ Mats Sundin

Penalty Minutes: 196 ~ Shane O’Brien

Last 10 Games: 6-3-1

4. Chicago Blackhawks

With a boatload of young, exciting talent, it’s been a season to remember in the Windy City. Chicago’s skilled front lines are led by youngsters Patrick Kane and Jonathan Toews, who combined to score 139 points this season for the ‘Hawks. The blue line is anchored by the speedy and skilled tandem of Duncan Keith and Brian Campbell, who finished the regular season with a combined 96 points. In net, Nikolai Khabibulin edged out Cristobal Huet, but either have the ability to stand tall and keep the Blackhawks in games. The real test for Chicago will be their lack of playoff experience, with eight of the ‘Hawks making their first ever playoff starts. If Chicago can overcome the jitters of the playoff stage, they could make some noise this postseason.

Points: 77 ~ Martin Havlat

Goals: 34 ~ Jonathan Toews

Assists: 48 ~ Martin Havlat

Plus/Minus: +33 ~ Duncan Keith / -17 ~ Samuel Pahlsson

Penalty Minutes: 161 ~ Ben Eager

Last 10 Games: 7-2-1

5. Calgary Flames

This veteran Calgary squad looked poised to claim a division crown, but was chased down by the red hot Canucks late in the season. Despite missing a division championship, it was still a season to savor for the Flames. Led by another All Star performance from Jarome Iginla, the Calgary beefed up their scoring by adding Olli Jokinen at the trade deadline. The Flames grinding defense is led by Dion Phaneuf, and their netminder, Miikka Kiprusoff, is one of the very best in the game. However, first line scoring has dwindled down the stretch for Calgary, and if they can’t find it quickly, it will be a short postseason stay.

Points: 89 ~ Jarome Iginla

Goals: 39 ~ Mike Cammalleri

Assists: 54 ~ Jarome Iginla

Plus/Minus: +20 ~ Craig Conroy / -15 ~ Jordan Leopold

Penalty Minutes: 112 ~ Corey Sarich

Last 10 Games: 4-6-0

6. St. Louis Blues

Despite a young lineup and a season full of injuries, the Blues methodically plodded along and quietly found their way into the playoff picture. Making their first postseason appearance in five years, St. Louis blends young scoring talent like David Perron and Brad Boyes with the veteran presence of Keith Tkachuk to provide a formidable offensive punch. With a blue line that has seen numerous injuries throughout the season, the defensive mantle has fallen sqaurely on the shoulders of netminder Chris Mason. Following a rough start, Mason has found his form, going 17-6-3 since January 19. The key for the Blues will be their special teams superiority, which will have to continue to excel if St. Louis wants to make it out of the first round.

Points: 72 ~ Brad Boyes

Goals: 33 ~ Brad Boyes

Assists: 39 ~ Brad Boyes

Plus/Minus: +19 ~ Patrick Berglund / -15 ~ Roman Polak

Penalty Minutes: 165 ~ David Backes

Last 10 Games: 8-1-1

7. Columbus Blue Jackets

Get ready to hear the term "underdog" every time you see the Blue Jackets take the ice. After nine seasons, Columbus finally solved the playoff riddle, and is looking to make noise in their first trip to the postseason. Led by the silky smooth Rick Nash, the Jackets have found a recipe for success under coach Ken Hitchcock, despite having only a single 30+ goal scorer. The real success story this season, however, is 20 year old goaltender Steve Mason. With a stingy 2.25 GAA and a .917 save percentage, Columbus will look to Mason to keep them in close games and potentially even steal a few wins.

Points: 79 ~ Rick Nash

Goals: 40 ~ Rick Nash

Assists: 39 ~ Rick Nash

Plus/Minus: +23 ~ Jan Hejda / -7 ~ Antoine Vermette

Penalty Minutes: 180 ~ Jared Boll

Last 10 Games: 3-3-4

8. Anaheim Ducks

A team that struggled to find an identity through most of the season, the Ducks are hitting their stride at the perfect time, finishing the season with a 7-2-1 record. The strength of this team remains their defense, with Scott Nidermayer and Chris Pronger anchoring the blue line. Up front, the Ducks go as the line of Ryan Getzlaf, Corey Perry and Bobby Ryan goes, with veteran Teemu Selanne contributing as well. However, more balanced scoring will be a necessity in these playoffs, otherwise the Ducks will have to count on either Jean-Sebastien Giguere or Jonas Hiller to keep them in games.

Points: 91 ~ Ryan Getzlaf

Goals: 32 ~ Corey Perry

Assists: 66 ~ Ryan Getzlaf

Plus/Minus: +13 ~ Bobby Ryan / -17 ~ Rob Niedermayer

Penalty Minutes: 145 ~ Mike Brown

Last 10 Games: 7-2-1

The Match Ups
  • 1. San Jose Sharks vs. 8. Anaheim Ducks
  • 2. Detroit Red Wings vs. 7. Columbus Blue Jackets
  • 3. Vancouver Canucks vs. 6. St. Louis Blues
  • 4. Chicago Blackhawks vs. 5. Calgary Flames

1. Sharks vs. 8. Ducks

  • Regular Season Series: San Jose wins 4-2.
  • Despite the record, each team scored only 12 goals in the six game series.

2. Red Wings vs. 7. Blue Jackets

  • Regular Season Series: Detroit wins 3-2-1
  • Steve Mason went 3-2, with a .930 save percentage. Chris Osgood went 2-2-1, with a .855 save percentage.

3. Canucks vs. 6. Blues

  • Regular Season Series: Series tied 2-2.
  • Vancouver outscored St. Louis by one goal, 15-14.

4. Blackhawks vs. 5. Flames

  • Regular Season Series: Chicago wins 4-0.
  • Chicago outscored Calgary 19-7 this season and 11-3 at the United Center.

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