Prepare Thyself: April 20 – April 26

As promised, I have finally pried myself away from the real world, and am back here to provide the analysis, chatter and generally incorrect speculation that you so desire. Yes, I missed you too.

Down to business. Even though I DID miss a week of wins and losses, I don’t really feel like breaking it all out for two weeks. Therefore, here’s what went down last week:

  • Red Wings: 2-0
  • Tigers: 3-2
  • Pistons: 0-3
  • Michigan Baseball: 2-3

Grand total: 7-8

  • The Red Wings opened up the playoffs with many critics and fans wondering which team would show up.  After dropping three straight to end the regular season, the Wings kicked off the playoffs in style, dropping Columbus 4-1 and 4-0, respectively.
  • The Tigers followed up a sweep of the Rangers with a split against the White Sox (with one rainout) and then started a West coast trip by taking 2 of 3 from the Mariners (wooo!). 
  • The Pistons also limped into the playoffs…and kept limping, getting routed by the Cavs in game 1 of the Eastern playoffs.
  • Michigan baseball keeps on underachieving, losing a pair to MSU and losing another against Eastern Michigan. They did, however, get a road win against MSU to end the week.

Team of the Week

Detroit's Henrik Zetterberg, left, and Jiri Hudler celebrate Zetterberg's game winning goal late in the third period.    Photos are of the Detroit Red Wings vs. the Colorado Avalanche at Joe Louis Arena, February 1, 2008.(David Guralnick / The Detroit News)

It’s gotta be the Red Wings. After really struggling at the end of the regular season and perhaps even being “bored” (if you believe Chris Osgood), the boys powered into the playoffs by winning two at home in very convincing fashion. This team constantly promised that they would be ready for the playoffs, and so far, they haven’t disappointed.

Honorable Mention: I have to give a shout out and some serious props to the Tigers too. They came out West and took two of three from one of the AL’s top early teams, and in the process provided me with two days of entertainment at Safeco Field. I have to admit, I am REALLY pumped up for baseball this year, and getting to see the boys this weekend just reinforced that excitement. I can’t wait to get to Detroit in two weeks for the weekend series against Cleveland. Thanks boys.


Without further ado, the matchups for the week:

Red Wings

  • Tuesday, April 21 at Columbus (Game 3) – 7:00 PM (FSN Detroit)
  • Thursday, April 23 at Columbus (Game 4) – 7:00 PM (FSN Detroit)
  • Saturday, April 25 vs. Columbus (Game 5 – If Needed) 7:00 PM (Versus)


  • Tuesday, April 21 at LAA of Anaheim – 10:05 PM (FSN Detroit)
  • Wednesday, April 22 at LAA of Anaheim – 10:05 PM (FSN Detroit)
  • Thursday, April 23 at LAA of Anaheim – 10:05 PM (FSN Detroit)
  • Friday, April 24 at Kansas City – 8:10 PM (FS Plus)
  • Saturday April 25 at Kansas City – 7:10 PM (FSN Detroit)
  • Sunday, April 26 at Kansas City – 2:10 PM (FSN Detroit)


  • Tuesday, April 21 at Cleveland (Game 2) – 8:00 PM (TNT)
  • Friday, April 24 vs. Cleveland (Game 3) – 7:00 PM (ESPN)
  • Sunday, April 26 vs. Cleveland (Game 4) – 3:30 PM (ABC)

Michigan Baseball

  • Tuesday, April 21 vs. Notre Dame – 7:05 PM
  • Wednesday, April 22 at Notre Dame – 6:05 PM
  • Friday, April 24 vs. Indiana- 6:35 PM
  • Saturday, April 25 vs. Indiana – 1:05 PM
  • Sunday, April 26 vs. Indiana -  1:05 PM

Game of the Week

Red Wings: Thursday, April 23 at Columbus (Game 4) – 7:00 PM (FSN Detroit)


It’s a huge game no matter how it shakes out. A win on Tuesday, and we can sweep the Jackets. If we lose on Tuesday and then win on Thursday, we head home with a chance to clinch. If we lose on Tuesday and again on Thursday, it’s a best-of-three series and I’m probably crying myself to sleep. No matter what, it’s a big game.


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