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“Dolla Billz” Heading Back to His Boat for Good


The Detroit News is reporting that Michigan Athletic Director Bill “Dolla Billz” Martin is hanging up the checkbook effective September 4, 2010. Martin made his plan known to University president Mary Sue Coleman in a letter today, and will inform staff members at a meeting at Keen Arena.

I’m not quite sure what I make of this just yet, other than I’m curious to see what direction Michigan decides to go in with their next AD. For all of the good that Martin did (Stadium renovations, practice facility for hoops) there were moments that left you scratching your head (i.e. Les Miles and the infamous sailing trip). All of that aside, Martin was a financial maestro and had the University’s bottom line singing a beautiful tune.

Coleman has already said she will lead the search for Martin’s successor, which could be in place before Martin’s announced retirement date of September 4.

“He has agreed to remain as athletic director until his successor is on board, at which point he will serve as a special advisor to me until retiring from the University in September.”

You can bet the discussion will obviously start heating up shortly on who should replace Martin, and one name that will probably pop up is that of former Michigan football coach Lloyd Carr. Carr is still highly thought of by many members of the Michigan community in high-ranking positions, but it’s hard to imagine that he will be the first choice of Coleman given his lack of financial experience, as well as his “shaky at best” relationship with current football coach Rich Rodriguez.

We’ll see how it all plays out, but for now we should all take a step back and thank Martin for his contributions to the University, which cannot be argued.

Bon Voyage, Bill.


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Curry Canned


Multiple local and national outlets have confirmed that the Pistons fired Michael Curry today, ending a tumultuous one season run that culminated in the ‘Stones going 39-43 and getting swept by the rival Cleveland Cavaliers in the first round of the playoffs.

Good riddance.

Curry was one of the big reasons I gave up on the Pistons this year. He always looked lost, his game plans were boring and he had ZERO respect from his players. In March, I pretty much gave up the ghost, when I wrote:

He has pretty much the same talent that his predecessors had (if not better), and the Pistons have floundered around the bottom half of the East for most of the season.

Quite simply, Curry sucked. I’m glad he’s gone. But please, Joe, don’t go out and hire Bill Laimbeer. If you do, I’ll be off the wagon just as fast as I jumped back on.

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See ya, Sheff.

In what can be considered nothing less than a surprise move, the Tigers cut Gary Sheffield this morning. From MLive:

Sheffield was released this morning in a surprise move by the club, and told reporters that Tigers general manager Dave Dombrowski and manager Jim Leyland informed him that they wanted to go with a more versatile lineup.

Sheffield, 40, said he did not see the move coming.

This is especially strange, considering Sheff was finally healthy and looking like he might be ready to make a strong contribution with his bat. However, this also makes some sense out of the Tigers’ trade for reserve outfielder Josh Anderson, who came over for Rudy Darrow on Monday.

This is definitely disappointing, as Sheffield never really lived up to his hype in the Motor City. Expect his DH spot to be filled by Marcus Thames, and the final roster spot to be claimed by Jeff Larish.


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