I’ve grown up a fan of the University of Michigan. I love the Red Wings, Tigers and Pistons. I can’t stand the Lions (Go GIANTS!).

The problem: I moved to the West Coast. Specifically? Seattle, WA (Get it? SLEEPLESS in Michigan? Lame, I know.)

One thing I quickly learned is that talking about Michigan and Detroit sports excites the locals about as much as an impending rain shower.

So I decided to start posting my thoughts in the hope that someone will read them and want to “talk.” There will (obviously) be a plethora of posts about Michigan sports, some weekly content about the Detroit teams, and some general discussion about the sports universe as well. So feel free to send me a mail, shoot me a comment or tell me I’m wrong. At least we will have something to talk about.


7 responses to “About

  1. Well I didn’t think it was that bad in Seattle. Nice title! Go Wings!

  2. Would love to have your articles posting at bleacherreport.com. With our blog import tool your articles would auto-import to your b/r profile and link back to your blog giving your work exposure to our established online community.

    I have no doubt that your Detroit sports coverage would get a ton of reads with us, in particular with the NBA/NHL playoffs about to kick off. Please email me mtcheyan@bleacherreport.com so I can tell you more about our site and get you set up.


  3. I will talk Detroit sports, in Seattle, with you ANYTIME!

  4. I saw on Twitter that you might be looking to hire a logo designer. Are you still?

  5. Let’s go Red Wings (clap clap clap clap clap) 🙂

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  7. Frank

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