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Breaking the Silence


It’s been awhile. Nice to see you again.

First, an apology: For those of you that know me well, it comes as no surprise to you why I haven’t been posting much here at SIM. During the summer, I took a position as the lead blogger at Motown Wings and now that hockey season has started, I’m dedicating most of my time to that site. Combine that with a real job and wanting to have some sort of a life outside of blogging, and you can see how SIM gets the short end of the stick. It’s probably going to be like this for some time, so if I lost any of you readers out there because of it, I’m sorry.

However, SIM will continue to serve as my mouthpiece for all sports things unrelated to the Wings, and will continue to be updated, just on a much more limited basis.

That said, it’s time to talk about the Rich Rodriguez experience. Over the past month or so, I have to guess that between phone calls, text messages, IM’s, tweets and discussions on MGoTalk, I’ve discussed Rodriguez’s role as Michigan’s head football man at least a hundred times. Now, I love a good discussion as much as the next guy, but what these are turning into borders on what I consider a “discussion” and lists dangerously towards to side of “whining”. We’ve all heard it: “Fire Rich Rodriguez.” “He sucks.” “He’s not a Michigan Man.” “He can’t cut it here.” “His schemes don’t work.” “His staff is terrible.” “He just doesn’t fit.” “He was a mistake.”

Here’s my thing: You can have whatever opinion you want. I have many of them and that’s A-OK. But if you want to bitch and moan about someone or something not living up to your expectations or letting you down, and then call for that person to be removed, you BEST have a solution or replacement option that is not Brian Kelly or Les Miles coming out of your mouth right afterwards. Otherwise, just STFU and don’t waste my time. For all of you asshats out there that want Rod canned, you need to step back off that ledge my friend. Don’t you get it? Rodriguez is exactly what you asked for three years ago when Lloyd decided that he had better things to do than coach and recruit, and now you want to go through that shitstorm of a coaching search process again? Oh wait, you want to do it with an outgoing athletic director just to up the ante and make it a little bit more fun this time. Gotcha.

Can it.

Here’s what you need to do.

Stop acting like we are entitled to some magical football experience just because the team wears winged helmets and touches a banner before the game. My biggest beef with this whole thing is when I ask someone why these changes need to be made and all I get back is “Well, because we’re Michigan and we should be better than this.” What better? 9-3 better? Maybe 8-4? Because, lest we forget, that was the “better” everyone was complaining about when Lloyd was at the helm. We wanted “better” then as well, in the form of undefeated seasons, non Rose Bowl blowout losses and an innovative playcalling scheme that overhauled the “run, run, run, punt” scheme that permeated Schembechler Hall for so long.

You got that coach. You just expected him to turn water into wine and take a group of athletes that either have A) No business running that scheme or B) Are freshmen and work a dynamic and complex scheme to perfection. It’s like driving a pickup truck and then having someone hand you the keys to a jumbo jet with nothing more than a smile and a “Good Luck!” It’s called unreasonable expectations, and all you haters out there are struggling to grasp that concept. Change takes work. Success takes work. If you don’t believe our guys are putting in the work to make it happen, then I have some great property down in Florida I’d love to talk to you about as well.

Basically, you wanted all of the glory with none of the work or sacrifice.

It’s time to get with the program. I can’t make you like or even support Rich Rodriguez. All I can do is make a case for patience and logic and hope that it resonates with a few people. If it does, awesome. If not, fine. But if it turns around and the success happens, then don’t even bother coming to me with anything that resembles praise for the man. You doubting Thomas’ out there can all get together and pretend like you “knew all along” that it would work, but don’t even try and come to me with that routine. I’ll simply point back to the article and go on my way. And if I’m wrong, I’ll write anyone that asks a letter of apology and will eat my crow. But I’ll do it knowing that I stood behind the Michigan Football program and the head coach, one Rich Rodriguez and that I endured the whole thing believing that it was all for the best.

Besides, I’m enjoying all of the leg room I have on the bandwagon right now.



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Odds and Ends from A2

Between covering the Red Wings for both ‘Sleepless’ and ‘Winging It In Motown’, keeping up with the Tigers, and doing that thing called a “real job”, I haven’t had the time to comment on the recent happenings in Ann Arbor. So, (with apologies for being late to the game), here’s my take on what’s been going down in Wolverine nation.

Kevin Grady

Honestly, I could sum this one up in one word: IDIOT. But you don’t come here to read just one word, so let me break it our for you in multiple words:


For those that don’t remember, Grady drank himself to within five feet of death last year, got arrested for drunk driving and was placed on a year probation. The good news for Grady was that he got to stay out of jail, pending the completion of the conditions set forth by the judge. Guess what? He didn’t. MLive had the details of his newest infractions:

Court officials said he failed to properly report to probation agents in Ann Arbor, failed to complete a victim impact panel and alcohol highway safety education class, failed to complete 24 hours of community service and tested positive for opiates, a type of pain killer.


Grady was sentenced to seven days in jail for parole violation. RichRod has said he wants “more details” before deciding on Grady’s fate, but this one should be as open and shut as the door on the cell Grady is/was in. Grady escaped sever punishment once with a slap on the wrist. It’s time to cut the cord with this kid, as he obviously doesn’t have a clue about responsibility and will do nothing except tarnish the image of a Michigan program that is already under the microscope. Good riddance.

Michigan Baseball

Quite simply, you’re defending Big Ten Champions…well, they won’t be Bid Ten Champs this year. This is nothing short of an utter disappointment, giving the amount of hype that followed this team into this season. It really seemed like the Wolverines were on the fast track to a long run of both conference and postseason success, and then they fail to make the conference tournament. It’s back to the drawing board for Rich Maloney, as he has to find a way to do better than 30-25 next season. The good news? Michigan only graduates six seniors. The bad news? Those seniors include Kevin Cislo and Chris Fetter.

Some good news you say?

Michigan Softball

The ladies will host Baylor this weekend in a best two-out-of-three NCAA Super Regional series, with he winner advancing to the College World Series. Michigan beat Miami (Ohio) on Saturday, and then followed up by dropping Notre Dame twice on Sunday to go undefeated for the weekend.

Michigan LAX

Congrats the the club lacrosse team, who won their second straight MCLA National Championship, with a 12-11 win over Chapman. Time to make this a varsity sport? I think so.

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Act A Fool

Lloyd Carr is returning as coach of the Michigan football team.


HA! FOOLED YOU!!! No? Damn.

Oh well, Happy April Fools Day anyways!!! Yes, it’s that special day of the year where we can all run around and shout out anything we want and not get in trouble, as long as we drop the “April Fools!!!!” after it. It’s the time where we bust out that amazing prank we have been saving up all year. A time where shenanigans run wild. A time where we joke…just to joke.

Which got me to thinking: how foolish is something if it actually comes to fruition? And how would I ever prove that?

The answer was right in front of me the entire time. Literally. I was looking at my blog while pondering.

It’s been a pretty strange year for the Michigan/Detroit sports fan. How strange? Well let’s take a look at some of the “foolish” things you might have heard on April 1, 2008.

  • Michigan football will win three games this year, and will watch its consecutive bowl appearance streak go down in flames.”


    • Response(then): “Are you kidding me!?!?! We just signed Rich Rodriguez!!! We have a newfangled spread offense!!! We are going to spread defenses so thin, you won’t need a knife to cut through them!!! Terrelle Pryor is overrated, we don’t need him!!!Who the hell is Nick Sheridan? Justin Boren is going to anchor that offensive line to greatness!!!” (OK, that one is an April fools in itself…ZING!)
    • Response(now): “Hey, wouldn’t it be great to save money and stay home and watch Michigan in the Motor City Bowl this year?”
  • “Michigan hockey will struggle early, still get a 1 seed in the NCAA tourney, and then get shutout by Air Force in the first round.”

chest bump

    • Response (then): “Yea, and Michigan State’s hockey team will tank and be one of the worst MSU teams ever. Get a grip.”
    • Response (now): “Well, at least Notre Dame got bounced early too. And we weren’t as bad as Sparty. Man, I’d love to meet the guy that predicted them to be THAT bad.”
  • Michigan basketball will beat two top-five ranked teams and make the NCAA tournament. And will win a tourney game.”
    • Response (then): “Hey Steve! The bar’s about to close and your boy here is obviously tanked. He thinks Michigan will make the NCAA tournament this year. Idiot. But I bet we can convince him to buy us some hamburgers on the way home.”
    • Response (now):

dreams miracle

  • The Pistons will trade Chauncey Billups for AI, but will struggle to make the playoffs.”


    • Response (then): “Eh, Chauncey’s overrated anyways.”
    • Response (now): “Eh, Chauncey was overrated anyways. Hey, think we’ll get LeBron in 2010?”

And one of my personal favorites, even though it’s unrelated to Detroit:

  • Barry Melrose will coach in the NHL again.”
    • Response (then): “What team would be STUPID enough to even consider such a ridiculous move?”
    • Response (now): “Maybe it’s wasn’t his fault that Tampa is SO bad.”

barry-melrose-tampa-bay-lightningThe lesson: Be wary of what you say today, sports fan. You never know what might happen.

As for me? After the crazy year last year, I’m not risking it. Here’s to Bonderman being out for the season, David Cone taking snaps for Michigan, Michigan hockey being a 4 seed and the Pistons re-signing AI and ‘Sheed.

April fools? Or April fool?

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Hello, Goodbye


The Daily has confirmed that Steven Threet is dunzo at Michigan:

“I have decided to transfer from the University of Michigan,” Threet wrote in the statement. “I have requested and received my release. I do not yet know where I will continue my collegiate career, and have no further comment until that decision is made.”

Happy Monday to you too!

Kneejerk reaction: I’m surprised, but I don’t know why. I have thought over and over again to myself that the arrivals of Tate Forcier and Denard Robinson would surely spell the end of the Threet era at Michigan. Yet I read this and don’t know why I didn’t listen to myself.

Anywho, this leaves Michigan in an interesting position, with Forcier and Robinson likely battling for the starting job. After that: Nick Sheridan, The Coner and Nader Furrha. I suppose RichRod could move Justin Feagin back over from the slot if need be, but it looks like our hopes and dreams live with Forcier/Robinson.

As for Threet, it’s understandable that the writing may have been on the wall for him, but to not even stick around and try and earn the job makes you wonder about what this kid is made of. He had the makings of a decent quarterback at Michigan, and would have easily competed for a starting position this year. But for the second time in his career he has walked away from a program. It’s going to be very tough for him to succeed at a big name program, and I don’t expect that’s where he will wind up. That said, best of luck to him.

As for Michigan: Not much we can do until spring practice. Except lose some more sleep.

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Get out the paintbrushes…

Clicking through the blogosphere, I found an interesting contest over at Spawn of MZone. Here are the specifics:

“One of our readers (I think it was GoBlueBob, but the original email is gone. Please let me know if it was you and I will give specific credit) sent us this BO icon image he created using the now popular OBAMICION generator. I tried to create a similar Rich Rodriguez icon during the season using photoshop, but the ease of use of this web-based application is amazing. At this point my mind is buzzing with other fun iconic images and the possibilities are endless. I quickly created a RR NINJA FOOTBALL this morning to test it out. 


As a result, I am now motivated to launch the Spawn of MZone OBAMICON contest for the most original and entertaining reader submitted icon.

1) Send us your images to our email address spawnofmzone (at) gmail dot com
2) T9 and I will gather them up and select 10 finalists from the entries.
3) We will have a vote for the winner.

Entries must be received by midnight on Thursday — I will post the voting poll on Friday. Voting will close out a week later. Winner will claim the title of ICON KING (or QUEEN) OF THE SPAWN NATION and have their winning image posted as part of our sidebar.”

What are you waiting for? Head on over to Spawn and get after it!

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