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“Dolla Billz” Heading Back to His Boat for Good


The Detroit News is reporting that Michigan Athletic Director Bill “Dolla Billz” Martin is hanging up the checkbook effective September 4, 2010. Martin made his plan known to University president Mary Sue Coleman in a letter today, and will inform staff members at a meeting at Keen Arena.

I’m not quite sure what I make of this just yet, other than I’m curious to see what direction Michigan decides to go in with their next AD. For all of the good that Martin did (Stadium renovations, practice facility for hoops) there were moments that left you scratching your head (i.e. Les Miles and the infamous sailing trip). All of that aside, Martin was a financial maestro and had the University’s bottom line singing a beautiful tune.

Coleman has already said she will lead the search for Martin’s successor, which could be in place before Martin’s announced retirement date of September 4.

“He has agreed to remain as athletic director until his successor is on board, at which point he will serve as a special advisor to me until retiring from the University in September.”

You can bet the discussion will obviously start heating up shortly on who should replace Martin, and one name that will probably pop up is that of former Michigan football coach Lloyd Carr. Carr is still highly thought of by many members of the Michigan community in high-ranking positions, but it’s hard to imagine that he will be the first choice of Coleman given his lack of financial experience, as well as his “shaky at best” relationship with current football coach Rich Rodriguez.

We’ll see how it all plays out, but for now we should all take a step back and thank Martin for his contributions to the University, which cannot be argued.

Bon Voyage, Bill.


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Act A Fool

Lloyd Carr is returning as coach of the Michigan football team.


HA! FOOLED YOU!!! No? Damn.

Oh well, Happy April Fools Day anyways!!! Yes, it’s that special day of the year where we can all run around and shout out anything we want and not get in trouble, as long as we drop the “April Fools!!!!” after it. It’s the time where we bust out that amazing prank we have been saving up all year. A time where shenanigans run wild. A time where we joke…just to joke.

Which got me to thinking: how foolish is something if it actually comes to fruition? And how would I ever prove that?

The answer was right in front of me the entire time. Literally. I was looking at my blog while pondering.

It’s been a pretty strange year for the Michigan/Detroit sports fan. How strange? Well let’s take a look at some of the “foolish” things you might have heard on April 1, 2008.

  • Michigan football will win three games this year, and will watch its consecutive bowl appearance streak go down in flames.”


    • Response(then): “Are you kidding me!?!?! We just signed Rich Rodriguez!!! We have a newfangled spread offense!!! We are going to spread defenses so thin, you won’t need a knife to cut through them!!! Terrelle Pryor is overrated, we don’t need him!!!Who the hell is Nick Sheridan? Justin Boren is going to anchor that offensive line to greatness!!!” (OK, that one is an April fools in itself…ZING!)
    • Response(now): “Hey, wouldn’t it be great to save money and stay home and watch Michigan in the Motor City Bowl this year?”
  • “Michigan hockey will struggle early, still get a 1 seed in the NCAA tourney, and then get shutout by Air Force in the first round.”

chest bump

    • Response (then): “Yea, and Michigan State’s hockey team will tank and be one of the worst MSU teams ever. Get a grip.”
    • Response (now): “Well, at least Notre Dame got bounced early too. And we weren’t as bad as Sparty. Man, I’d love to meet the guy that predicted them to be THAT bad.”
  • Michigan basketball will beat two top-five ranked teams and make the NCAA tournament. And will win a tourney game.”
    • Response (then): “Hey Steve! The bar’s about to close and your boy here is obviously tanked. He thinks Michigan will make the NCAA tournament this year. Idiot. But I bet we can convince him to buy us some hamburgers on the way home.”
    • Response (now):

dreams miracle

  • The Pistons will trade Chauncey Billups for AI, but will struggle to make the playoffs.”


    • Response (then): “Eh, Chauncey’s overrated anyways.”
    • Response (now): “Eh, Chauncey was overrated anyways. Hey, think we’ll get LeBron in 2010?”

And one of my personal favorites, even though it’s unrelated to Detroit:

  • Barry Melrose will coach in the NHL again.”
    • Response (then): “What team would be STUPID enough to even consider such a ridiculous move?”
    • Response (now): “Maybe it’s wasn’t his fault that Tampa is SO bad.”

barry-melrose-tampa-bay-lightningThe lesson: Be wary of what you say today, sports fan. You never know what might happen.

As for me? After the crazy year last year, I’m not risking it. Here’s to Bonderman being out for the season, David Cone taking snaps for Michigan, Michigan hockey being a 4 seed and the Pistons re-signing AI and ‘Sheed.

April fools? Or April fool?

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