Series Wrap-up: Boston – Are the Tigers nothing more than pretenders?

28-24, 1st in AL Central (2.5 GU on MIN)


(Photo courtesy of Kirthmon F. Dozier/Detroit Free Press)

Consider this the evolution of the “Three Thoughts” segment. TT was becoming nothing more than just an overblown link-fest with no real content. I’m hoping a total series wrap-up might change that. Enjoy.

I mentioned earlier this week that I had been looking forward to this series against the Red Sox for awhile now. Not because I happen to like the Bo’ Sox on the side, rather, because it was an opportunity for Detroit to gauge just exactly how well they stack up with the American League elite.


The Tigers got dropped by an aggregate score of 21-11 over three games and did absolutely zilch to give fans the belief that this team might actually contend come September. In all fairness though, this series wasn’t exactly set up for greatness in terms of the mound battles. Tuesday was our best looking day with the red hot Rick Porcello taking the mound, but of course his luck would run out. Armando Galarraga? Not bad, but not nearly as good as Josh Beckett, who almost threw a no-no. And how can we forget the man-of-the-hour, Dontrelle Willis. The D-Train pulled out of the station right on time, but it wasn’t long before the brakes gave out and the locomotive plunged off the edge of the cliff.

The offense continued to be anemic.

The bullpen was a waste of time.

Oh yeah, and Miguel Cabrera got hurt.

Look, teams do lose three game series sometimes. But it’s not that the Tigers lost. It’s the fact that they hardly put up a fight. The most emotion I saw out of this team was Jimmy Leyland  getting tossed yesterday. Other than that, this series was like a slow death march up the mountain.

Look, it’s painfully obvious that the Tigers aren’t as good as the “elite” teams of the AL right now. Honestly, alot of people don’t think they can be. I tend to disagree with the naysayers. I think this team has the potential to get better and better as the season moves along, and as they keep developing talent and learning how to win, they could start to creep up into some discussion. But right now this is all speculation. All the Tigers should be focusing on is winning ball games and keeping the Twins in their rear-view mirror.

Oh yea, and they might want to avoid being the losing side of any more three-game series sweeps from here on out.

On Deck: Los Angeles Orange County Angels of Anaheim and Surrounding Neighborhoods and Communities aka LAOCAASNC

  • Record: 27-25 (2nd in AL West, 3.5 GB of Texas)

Friday, June 5

  • Tigers – Justin Verlander (6-2, 3.63 ERA, 90 SO)
  • Angels – Ervin Santana (0-2, 9.50 ERA, 11 SO)

Saturday, June 6

  • Tigers – Edwin Jackson (5-3, 2.30 ERA, 57 SO)
  • Angels – Kelvim Escobar (0-0, –.—ERA, 0 SO)

Sunday, June 7

  • Tigers – Rick Porcello (6-4, 3.70 ERA, 34 SO)
  • Angels – Joe Saunders (6-4, 3.77 ERA, 37 SO)

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