Odds and Ends from A2

Between covering the Red Wings for both ‘Sleepless’ and ‘Winging It In Motown’, keeping up with the Tigers, and doing that thing called a “real job”, I haven’t had the time to comment on the recent happenings in Ann Arbor. So, (with apologies for being late to the game), here’s my take on what’s been going down in Wolverine nation.

Kevin Grady

Honestly, I could sum this one up in one word: IDIOT. But you don’t come here to read just one word, so let me break it our for you in multiple words:


For those that don’t remember, Grady drank himself to within five feet of death last year, got arrested for drunk driving and was placed on a year probation. The good news for Grady was that he got to stay out of jail, pending the completion of the conditions set forth by the judge. Guess what? He didn’t. MLive had the details of his newest infractions:

Court officials said he failed to properly report to probation agents in Ann Arbor, failed to complete a victim impact panel and alcohol highway safety education class, failed to complete 24 hours of community service and tested positive for opiates, a type of pain killer.


Grady was sentenced to seven days in jail for parole violation. RichRod has said he wants “more details” before deciding on Grady’s fate, but this one should be as open and shut as the door on the cell Grady is/was in. Grady escaped sever punishment once with a slap on the wrist. It’s time to cut the cord with this kid, as he obviously doesn’t have a clue about responsibility and will do nothing except tarnish the image of a Michigan program that is already under the microscope. Good riddance.

Michigan Baseball

Quite simply, you’re defending Big Ten Champions…well, they won’t be Bid Ten Champs this year. This is nothing short of an utter disappointment, giving the amount of hype that followed this team into this season. It really seemed like the Wolverines were on the fast track to a long run of both conference and postseason success, and then they fail to make the conference tournament. It’s back to the drawing board for Rich Maloney, as he has to find a way to do better than 30-25 next season. The good news? Michigan only graduates six seniors. The bad news? Those seniors include Kevin Cislo and Chris Fetter.

Some good news you say?

Michigan Softball

The ladies will host Baylor this weekend in a best two-out-of-three NCAA Super Regional series, with he winner advancing to the College World Series. Michigan beat Miami (Ohio) on Saturday, and then followed up by dropping Notre Dame twice on Sunday to go undefeated for the weekend.

Michigan LAX

Congrats the the club lacrosse team, who won their second straight MCLA National Championship, with a 12-11 win over Chapman. Time to make this a varsity sport? I think so.


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