Final Thoughts on the Red Wings/Ducks Series


(Photo courtesy of Julian H. Gonzalez/Detroit Free Press)

I know this is late. I’m fine with that. I needed a day or two to break down that unbelievable series against the Ducks and really figure out how I felt. I can tell you that when Dan Cleary banged home the game winner, I threw my coffee mug clear across the room, but that’s neither here nor there.

Of course, everybody has already tossed out their opinions on the series and has moved on to the Blackhawks, so I will spare you the obvious discomfort of reading another post. However, if you really MUST know exactly how I felt after the win, I urge out to check out Chief’s thoughts over at Abel to Yzerman as well as Brian’s thoughts on Genuinely Sarcastic. I would say they hit the proverbial nail on the proverbial head.

You can also check out my postgame recap that immediately followed the final horn at Winging It In Motown if you’re that desperate to get my own thoughts on the whole situation. (Plenty of good WCF preview material as well.)


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