TT: Verlandered!!!Grandersoned!!!

Tigers 1, Indians 0

15-13, 2nd in AL Central (2.0 GB of KC)


(Photo courtesy of the Associated Press)

  • It looks like Justin Verlander has finally shaken off the early season cobwebs (knock on wood), as he was completely dominant last night against the Indians. JV went the distance, giving up only two hits and two walks opposite of striking out 11, in what was absolutely his best performance of the season. Basically, the Indians got “Verlandered.” (Props to Old English D, who dropped the term before I was able to get to it today. The perils of having company from out of town…)
  • So with one down in the bottom of the ninth in a 1-0 game, Curtis Granderson broke the hearts of Cleveland fans (and sportscasters) everywhere with his game-saving over-the-wall grab to rob Grady Sizemore of a game winning home run. Pure awesomeness.
  • While it was a nice win for the Tigers, they still haven’t shown a large amount of consistency when it comes to putting together a good string of wins. Yes, it’s a young season, but with the way the Royals have been playing of late (despite losing to LAA last night), you have to wonder if the Tigers will be able to start churning out the wins that will be crucial later in the season. It’s never too early to start thinking playoffs, and while the Tigers have the talent and pieces to make it happen, a few lengthy winning streaks wouldn’t be the worst thing ever at this point. They face the struggling Fausto Carmona tonight, and this game is a very winnable one that MUST be won, as KC trots out the cyborg known as Zack Greinke against the Angels tonight. The goal here is to keep pace.

Probable starters for 5/9:

  • Tigers – Edwin Jackson (1-2, 3.08 ERA, 28 SO)
  • Indians – Fausto Carmona (1-3, 6.11 ERA, 21 SO)

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One response to “TT: Verlandered!!!Grandersoned!!!

  1. PioneerHall

    It really was an amazing game. JV is playing out of his mind, and Granderson’s catch was incredible. If you get a chance to hear the Detroit broadcasters call of the play, it is just as fun to hear as it was to see.

    I agree, we need to see the Tigers play with some consistency, but the expectations for this team before the season were VERY LOW. I’m personally happy they are performing this well, but I’m sure there are even higher expectations from the coaching staff, the organization, and the players themselves.

    Go Tigers!

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