Some Rambling Before Game 5


It wasn’t so long ago that the Red Wings were talking about how the end of the regular season was a struggle to focus, with some players even suggesting that “boredom” might have set in.

There’s no boredom now.

Today’s Game 5 against Anaheim is as real and as meaningful as it gets. Everyone knew this series was going to be a struggle, and we are right in the thick of it. Yes, there will be a Game 6 and yes, there very well may be a Game 7. But all that matters right now is Game 5 and doing whatever it takes to get a win.

As for me, dear readers, take solace in knowing that I won’t be watching a second of this game in real-time. Why is this good news? Because I didn’t watch Game 4, minus a two minute period where Anaheim scored. On twitter, all of my tweeps rejoiced when I turned off the game and the Wings subsequently went on to win. Coincidence? Maybe. Taking chances? Not me.

OK, the REAL reason I won’t be watching is because it’s Mother’s Day (CALL YOUR MOMS!) and my amazing mother has flown all the way to Seattle from Tampa to be here, so I am taking her out to a well deserved brunch and day on the town. But if it helps the Wings, so be it.

But don’t think for a second I won’t be thinking about this game. This is the most important one we have been in so far, and I will definitely be checking for updates frequently. And while I don’t usually make predictions on these games, I am going to go out on a bit of a limb here, albeit not specifically on this game.

If the Wings can get it done in Game 5, this series will end on Tuesday in Anaheim. Why? Because the Wings haven’t closed out a playoff series at home since beating Carolina in the 2002 Stanley Cup Finals.

If Anaheim takes Game 5, I have no idea what happens. My gut says the series ends in Anaheim. But part of me wants to believe that the Wings can finally shake the Anaheim monkey off their back and find a way to force a Game 7 in Motown. However, a loss in Game 5 might put me close to a mental breakdown before Tuesday.

Anyway you cut it, this is going to be a wild ride. Buckle up, and I will see you on the other side.

Go Wings!


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