Red Wings Odds and Ends


So if you read the “TT” post earlier today, you know that I was recently up in Detroit for the weekend, taking in some baseball and hockey with my buddy Peevey. While watching sports was totally awesome, it did keep me from posting here, which means I have all kinds of thoughts still floating around up in the ol’ noggin.

So before I lose my mind, I’m just going to do a quick brain dump on the Anaheim series. Enjoy.

  • I’m not really sure if we’ll see Kris Draper again this season. Drapes still hasn’t been cleared to play in this series, even thought I speculated he would last week.
  • For the love of all things winning, it’s time for Brian Rafalski to get healthy. The Wings defense has looked atrocious throughout the entire series against Anaheim, and they really look like they are missing the extra boost from Rafalski. Rafi is still being listed as out with an “upper-body” injury, but all of the signs point to him re-tweaking that groin that he injured in February. Don’t count on seeing him until at least Game 5
  • How ridiculous is Jonas Hiller? Seriously, how ridiculous? Because I don’t have an answer. All I’ll say is that this is eerily reminiscent of that series against the Ducks in 2003 where J.S. Giguere went out of his gord and basically singlehandedly beat the Wings. Don’t remember? Just see below. He didn’t even need a helmet or stick to make saves in that series.


  • Of course, I’ve received about a bazillion questions on the whole Brad Watson/No Goal situation from Game 3. Yes, I have an opinion, and yes you will get to read it soon (it’s not difficult to figure out. See new banner above.) However, I’m working out a different kind of post for that topic, which will go up at some point tonight. So in the meantime, go over to my other home, Winging It In Motown, where you can get a roundup of thoughts from all across the Hockeyverse.
  • Also, Dennis from Detroit Sports Beat has named me one of his “12 Red Wing Tweeps to Follow”. Big ups for the mention, buddy! Make sure you swing over to DSB and check out all the happenings around Motown, as well as Dennis’ sweet playoff beard.

OK, like I said, stay tuned for the whole “Brad Watson fiasco” piece to go up later tonight. For now, I leave you with Peevey and I hanging out downtown at the Town Pump Tavern, following a Game 1 victory for the Wings. (It’s dark, I know. Deal with it.)



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  1. Thanks for the mention man. Though, after last nights game I felt the mojo was bad … and to reverse the curse of inept referees I shaved that sombitch off last night.


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