Sparty, No!

After all the talk about how UNC’s win over MSU in December was a fluke, it sure didn’t look that way tonight. UNC dominated the Spartans in the first half, and basically left MSU no alternative other than a perfect effort in the second half to chase them down. It didn’t happen. UNC is champs.


(Courtesy of Julian Gonzalez/Detroit Free Press)

I’d be lying if I said part of me isn’t happy to see Sparty lose. It’s always tough to want to see your rival win. It almost happened, as I really hate UNC, but I still couldn’t bring myself to get completely behind Sparty.

But let me say this: Tip your hat to them. Tip your hat to Izzo. These are young kids who defied a ton of naysayers and made it back home to Detroit and the Final Four. They just ran into a juggernaut in UNC, a team who went through this entire tournament with their closest loss being 12 points. In the end, I feel for Sparty. It would have been remarkable for them to come all the way to Detroit and pull off the upset.

It’s easy for Michigan fans to find some sense of happiness in the Sparty loss. But why? Simply: because we want to be where they are. We are trying to become exactly what they are and want to have the success that they have had. And if we can’t have it, then we don’t want them to either. Selfish? Absolutely. Irrational? Probably.

No matter what you feel about Sparty though, give them their credit. They are a great basketball team and had a great season. And even if they do wear the wrong colors, these are still kids who just played their hearts out and that deserves your ultimate respect.

Congratulations on a great season, State.


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  1. You are so right about everything you said and you made a great statement about why you were watching Sparty.

    I couldn’t stand the announcers! If they had said, “UNC is here to get what they couldn’t achieve last year” one more time.

    They did a horrible job catering to the fringe fan. I am NOT a college bball fan really and I jumped on the bandwagon at the end. I will say, I have always respected Tom Izzo and his program. I am one of those fans that roots for Izzo and his team for bball but would never shell out money to go to a game or buy anything Sparty Related but I do root for them!! Then UM everything else mainly football and hockey.

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