Last Thoughts…


CCHA/Madness weekend fires up today, and I’m off to San Diego. While I will miss the CCHA tournament this weekend, I do land in Cali at about 3:00 PM Pacific time, and am headed straight to the bar with SleeplessGF and family to enjoy some beers and watch the hoops game.

As is a habit of mine, I always make a checklist before I leave for a trip, so I figured I would carry this idea over to the blog.

  • A good vacation (in terms of Wolverine sports) equals a CCHA Championship and one win in the hoops tournament.
  • I’m not sure either of those will happen, quite frankly.
  • I couldn’t round up a guest blogger in time, so your official introduction to EPeevey will have to wait until a future date.
  • I’m taking my computer with me, but don’t expect any posts. It is a vacation and I’ve promised to try and disconnect
  • That said, I will be tweeting as much as possible this weekend, so follow me @chollis.
  • I’d also like to see the Red Wings win against Atlanta on Friday and Calgary on Monday, coupled with a pair of San Jose losses.

Speaking of the Red Wings: I know this is a general, ‘Detroit/Michigan’ sports blog, but expect the content to shift more heavily to become more Michigan focused over the next few weeks. Why? Well, I am moving most of the hockey content over to PuckScoop, a new hockey blog featuring commentary from all over the NHL. I really encourage you to check it out, as I know Jeff (@jeffler on Twitter) is bringing together some great writers to offer a different, unique take on the game. So, even though I will continue to post some Wings content here, head over to PS for a more in depth breakdown of the Wings and the NHL.

OK, with that, I am out. Talk to everyone on Tuesday.

Oh, GO BLUE!!!


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