Prepare Thyself: March 16 – March 22

Since I spent most of yesterday working on the ‘Redemption’ post, this week’s PT is going to be short and to the point.

  • Michigan Hockey: 2-0
  • Michigan Basketball: 1-1
  • Red Wings: 3-1
  • Pistons: 2-2
  • Michigan Baseball: 0-3

Grand total: 8-7

  • Michigan hockey destroyed Western Michigan and is headed back to the CCHA Championship Semi-Finals at Joe Louis Arena this weekend.
  • Michigan basketball did the damn thing against Iowa and then fell to Illinois in the Big Ten Tournament, but punched their ticket to the Big Dance in the process.
  • The Red Wings righted the ship with a nice week, with their only loss coming to Calgary in a shootout.
  • The Pistons split four games, but managed to continue dominating the Orlando Magic (Yes Beau, we still dominate you!)
  • Michigan baseball uh….yea…it was ugly in Tucson.

Team of the Week could go to three of these clubs easily, but none has exorcised the demons quite like Michigan hoops.

belein cel

The matchups:

Michigan Hockey

  • Friday, March 20 vs. Alaska (CCHA Tournament) – 8:05 PM (Big Ten Network)
  • Saturday, March 21 vs. Notre Dame or Northern Michigan (CCHA Tournament) – 3:35 or 7:35 PM (FSN Something-or-other)

Michigan Basketball

  • Thursday, March 19 vs. Clemson (NCAA Tournament) – 7:10 PM (CBS)

Red Wings

  • Tuesday, March 17 vs. Philadelphia – 7:30 PM (Versus)
  • Friday, March 20 at Atlanta – 7:30 PM (FSN Detroit)


  • Tuesday, March 17 at Dallas – 8:30 PM (FSN Detroit)
  • Wednesday, March 18 at Houston – 9:30 PM (ESPN)
  • Friday, March 20 vs. LA Clippers – 8:00 PM (FS+)
  • Sunday, March 22 vs. Miami – 1:00 PM (ABC)

Michigan Baseball

  • Tuesday, March 17 at Eastern Michigan  – 6:00 PM
  • Friday, March 20 vs. IPFW – 3:05 PM
  • Saturday, March 21 vs. IPFW – 1:05 PM
  • Sunday, March 22 vs. IPFW -  1:05 PM

Tigers SPRING TRAINING fun continues with matchups against St. Louis, Houston, Atlanta, Washington, the Yankees and Florida.

Game of the Week

Michigan Hockey and Basketball

ccha_championship_logo2009 march-madness-2008

So normally Michigan hoops’ return to the dance would take the cake all by itself. However, the fact that this is the week of the CCHA Championship means that I would normally be in Michigan watching the Wolverines hit the ice. However, this year will end our 5 year run, as I have had to bow out due to other commitments. I will definitely miss my CCHA crew, but the warm weather of San Diego will be a soothing antidote.

(That said, for those of you who can’t read between the lines, I will be on vacation starting Thursday and returning Monday. Don’t expect alot of content from me, but I may try and get a guest blogger or two.)



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2 responses to “Prepare Thyself: March 16 – March 22

  1. Have fun on vacation and don’t jinx the Wolverines! The hockey team more so then the basketball team. I mean I care that they are finally there and everything but in the end it is still basketball. When they lace up some skates I will care! 🙂

  2. Trust me: I would love nothing more than a CCHA Championship when I come home from vacay.

    And if hoops still happens to be playing, awesome.

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