Quick Hits: Day of Reckoning

harrisdunkageFlames Red Wings HockeyBIG haps today, with two important games going down.

Michigan v. Iowa

  • Opening game of the Big Ten Tourney for the Wolverines today, and a win puts a bonafide, stone-cold LOCK on a bid to the dance. Gack it up and you have an increasingly nervous Wolverine nation.
  • If you need stats and ACTUAL analysis of the game, head over to UM Hoops and check out Dylan’s breakdown.
  • Personally, I’m ready for this team to smash down the brick wall that has kept us at bay since the NCAA’s sanctions came down. We’ve pulled ourself out of the grave. It’s time to clean up, put on our Sunday best and go dancin’.

Red Wings vs. Flames

  • So Calgary makes some nice moves at the trade deadline and everyone is ready to crown them the Western Conference Champions. After three straight losses, it might be time to reconsider. Meanwhile, the Wings have gone 3-2 in their last five, but those losses came in a$$ woopin’ fashion from our divisional rivals. Despite recent trends, this one has a genuine playoff feel to it, so look for some big intensity tonight.
  • Check out MLive’s snapshots for some comprehensive news and notes before the game, and mosey on over to the Hockeytown blog for reaction after the game.
  • It would be great to see a highly competitive, intense game and have the Wings win in convincing fashion. See: February 25th vs. Sharks.


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2 responses to “Quick Hits: Day of Reckoning

  1. 1hockeychics

    Oh now, now I have that Jarome Iginla song in my head. I wonder what Stanley Cup song those Calgarians will come up with now. http://www.chicshockey.com

  2. UofM is in!!!!

    Gotta keep those Illini big men under control tomorrow for a chance to win.

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