The Calm Before the Storm

I think a lot of us Michigan basketball fans who grew up with the Fab Five and the baggy shorts and the ‘swagger’ of winning find ourselves in a unique position tonight and into tomorrow. The once dead and gone Michigan basketball program has found new life and stands on the verge of relevance once again.

I had a long post written out in my mind to try and sum up the feelings I have the day before our Wolverines take the court in Minneapolis in an attempt to make the NCAA tournament again. But then I wound up reading a post by dex over at Wolverine Liberation Army and was amazed that his message was so very similar to what was in my head.

I encourage you to read it.

So tonight, I sit not with the eager anticipation that has coursed through my veins before some of our biggest rivalry games, or with a nervous heart as a championship looms near. Instead I find myself quiet, introspective and resigned to whatever fate may bring the Maize and Blue tomorrow. I’m at peace with what once was, but part of me still longs for another generation to be able to experience great things from Michigan basketball.

So as we stand on the precipice of relevance, let us not forget where we have come from and what we have been through. Tomorrow is ours for the taking.




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