Guest Post: 10 Things I Love About Detroit

One thing you will notice from time to time is that I will step away from the sports and discuss a topic that is close to my heart. This is one of them.

I love Detroit. I always will and it will always be home to me. So when I was asked to help out by blogging for a really cool event, I jumped at the chance.

Detroit Startup Weekend is “an intense 54 hour event bringing together brilliant tech minds (developers, designers, marketers, ect.) together to create a company (or as many as the community wants) from concept to launch!”

This is a great opportunity for individuals to come together to help revitalize and energize the city of Detroit and I am totally behind everything the weekend is about.

I encourage all of you to check out the site, learn more about what is taking place and maybe even donate some money to a good cause.

If you need any encouragement as to why Detroit is an awesome place to invest time, money and effort into, just read my post, which I have included below as well.

by Derek Farr ( DetroitDerek )

by Derek Farr ( DetroitDerek )

The following is a guest post by Chris Hollis. I put out an all-call on Twitter for Detroiters and Detroit natives to list 10 things he or she loves about Detroit for this blog since Startup Weekend Detroit is all about bringing talented people together to form a community that fosters innovation and entrepreneurship. To do that, I believe we need to start thinking positively about our surroundings and each other.

Other lists are sure to follow, but I hope you enjoy…

By Chris Hollis

Detroit is a special place. When I lived there, I don’t think I realized it as much as I do now. Since leaving, I’ve lived in or near Atlanta, Tampa, Orlando and Seattle, and those places have never felt QUITE right. There’s always something special, something electric in the air when I step back into Detroit, and no matter where I go, it will never be replicated.

When I sat down to write this, I honestly wasn’t sure what to say. And then it hit me: write about those things that make Detroit unique and special to me. So this is MY Detroit. These are the things that I miss and fondly remember and long for in Motown.

  1. Paczki– Maybe it’s because Fat Tuesday just passed us, but wow, do I ever miss fresh paczki (punch-key for those not familiar), straight from Hamtramck.  Nothing like an incredibly fattening pastry to make you feel good about life.
  2. Michigan and Trumbull – Any Detroiter worth their salt knows that this corner will live on as part of the lore of Detroit forever. Tiger Stadium will always be a place that I hold dear, as I witnessed many a great Tigers game in that ballpark.
  3. Woodward Ave. – The main artery of Detroit’s transportation network, “Motown” and “Woodward” go hand in hand. Whether it’s a Saturday night drive during the summer, or the Woodward Dream Cruise, “the Ave” is a staple of Detroit.
  4. Vernors – Seriously. We don’t have it in Seattle. You don’t know how much you miss it until it’s gone.
  5. National Coney Island– I cannot begin to tell you how many times I have been walking or driving around Seattle and have longed for a foot-long coney dog covered in chili, mustard, cheese and onions. Every time I am in Detroit Metro, I go out of my way to stop and get a coney.
  6. North American International Auto Show– Nothing can match the spectacle that is the NAIAS at Cobo Hall each year. Not only does this event showcase the coolest cars and trucks, it also raises millions of dollars for local children’s charities.
  7. Hockeytown Café – This might be my favorite bar in the entire world. And I love bars. The place is just so full of history and memorabilia, yet hip and trendy at the same time. I enjoy nothing more than standing at the bar or sitting upstairs with a tall beer and a Detroit game on the TV’s, while chatting it up with the greatest fans in the world.
  8. Joe Louis Arena– While many people think it’s an old barn and the Red Wings should move, there is something about that Joe that gets inside of me and makes me excited. When you are in the Joe, you know it. From the sights and sounds, to the massive stairs leading up to the arena, JLA is a place I always love finding myself in.
  9. Greektown– What’s not to love about a place where you can enjoy fine meats, flaming cheese and amazing deserts, and then walk out the back and be standing in a casino? When I’m in town, you can find me enjoying saganaki and ouzo at Pegasus Taverna before heading to the craps table in Greektown Casino. OPA!!!
  10. The Spirit of Detroit– Detroiters know this is a loaded answer. Yes, it’s a cool statue that we put jerseys on during sports playoffs. But the Spirit of Detroit is truly emblematic of what makes Detroit such an awesome place: its people.

God bless you, Detroit. May your future be bright and may your sports teams win many, many more championships. And may you always be special to each and every one of us who has experienced the true Spirit of the city.


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  1. Michael Tebo

    I have always been fond of Greenfield Center, the Rennaisance Center (post-modern if it were 1975), the famed deep-and-wide potholes on Detroit’s streets, and the new Tigers stadium sans Jim Leyland.

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