Detroit 4, San Jose 1


Since there are plenty of great recaps already out there, here’s just a few thoughts on last night’s whoopin’ of the Sharks.

  • Even though the season series tied at 2, Detroit outscored San Jose 17-11 this season. Last season? Nearly identical, with a 17-9 mark in favor of the Wings.
  • Detroit continued it’s domination in the faceoff circle. 3 of 4 games this season had Detroit winning more than 50% of the faceoffs.
  • Ty Conklin was FILTHY good in net last night, making crucial saves on a late Sharks powerplay. Tip of the hat to Conks, who won his 12th straight at the Joe.
  • Yes, the officiating was questionable. Yes, the puck did hit the netting before Hank’s shorthander. No, I don’t care. A similar incident happened last season in this matchup, and the Sharks wound up with a goal because of it. These things happen and usually work themselves out in the end.
  • The Detroit backcheck was incredibly solid. How many times did the Sharks just flip the puck into the neutral zone, only to watch the Detroit defense scoop it up and go the other way?
  • I saw multiple mentions of how the Sharks were continuosly chasing the Red Wings last night on Twitter.
  • Ville Leino’s single to right field crazy goal out of mid-air was awesome. (Dave Dombrowski, were you watching?)
  • Hank’s spin-o-rama with Ehrhoff draped all over him was better.
  • Is the Turtle’s comeback over?

Major kudos go out to Yahoo! sports for live streaming the game last night. The feed was awesome, even though we got stuck with the San Jose broadcast.

Does this win change my thinking on who wins the West now? No*

*If the Sharks somehow fall to the Sens tonight and Detroit beats L.A. tomorrow, San Jose will be in trouble. They cannot afford an 8 point swing in Detroit’s favor over two games. That said, I hope the Sens blow the roof off their joint tonight. GO SENS!


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