Prepare Thyself: Feb. 23 – Mar. 1

Before I get to everything else that happened this week, let me first say this:



This team SUCKS is not very good and, if it were not for the awful bottom half of the East, would probably miss the playoffs. As it stands right now, this team will get bounced in 4 games by the Celtics or Cavs and the run of Eastern Conference Finals appearances is all but finished. I’m not sure who to blame, but part of me has to point the finger at Michael Curry. Carlisle, Brown and Saunders all got their teams to the ECF, whereas Michael Curry will definitely not. Yes, he has younger players. But the fact remains that he has the same nucleus that all of his predecessors did (plus an All Star in A.I.), and he has successfully driven this team to the shit heap. I don’t care if the ‘players won’t play hard’ or if the shots ‘just aren’t falling.’ You are the EFFING COACH. It is YOUR JOB to find a way to motivate them and get them to play and if someone doesn’t have it, get someone in there that will. You have successfully guided your team to a 6 game losing streak, a now .500 record, and an embarrassing week that started with a horrible loss to MILWAUKEE and finished with a swift kick in the ass from the Cavs. It’s time to put up or shut up, Pistons, so what’ll it be? Are you going to fight your way back to respectability or just continue sleepwalking through this season?

*Now back to your regularly scheduled programming*


Since angry CHollis kicked off the morning with some happy thoughts on the Pistons, here’s a quick rundown of everything else that happened last week:

  • Michigan Hockey: 1-1
  • Michigan Basketball: 1-1
  • Red Wings: 2-1
  • Pistons: 0-3
  • Michigan Baseball: 4-0 (WOOOO!!!) 

Grad total: 8-6 (Counting the SO loss for the Wings as a loss)

Without Michigan baseball: 4-6.

Quickly, M Hockey whooped the Bucks on Friday, and then lost a lead on Saturday and was finished off by Kevon Langseth allowing a CLEARLY kicked in goal to stand. For more on bad CCHA officiating, who Kevin Langseth is and how much he sucks, head over and check out this post at MGoBlog. Michigan hoops followed up a nice win over Minnesota earlier this week with a gut-wrenching loss at Iowa yesterday. That NCAA bid everyone has been talking about? On life support today. The Wings hammered Nashville and Anaheim this week, then brought up Jimmy Howard for the Minnesota game to get him some work. He gave up 5, Wings got shut down and Howard was sent back to the minors. Pistons: See above. Finally, Michigan baseball kicked off the season the right way going 4-0 down in Florida to start the season. Late comeback wins over South Florida and Purdue, a solid win over Cincinnati, and a great victory over St. John’s has the Wolverines off on the right foot.

Congrats, baseballers. You are the Team of the Week.


In the spirit of the baseball squad, here’s what’s ON DECK(get it?) for this week:

Michigan Basketball

  • Thursday, February 26 vs. Purdue – 9:00 PM (ESPN)
  • Sunday, March 1 at Wisconsin – 1:00 PM CST (Big Ten Network)

Michigan Hockey

  • Friday, February 27 at Ferris State – 7:05 PM (
  • Saturday, February 28 vs. Ferris State – 8:05 PM (CBS College Sports)

Red Wings

  • Wednesday, February 25 vs. San Jose – 7:30 PM (FSN Detroit)
  • Friday, February 27 vs. Los Angeles – 7:30 PM (FS D+)
  • Saturday, February 28 at Nashville – 8:00 PM (FSN Detroit)


  • Tuesday, February 24 at Miami – 7:30 PM (FSN Detroit)
  • Wednesday, February 25 at New Orleans – 8:00 PM (FS D+)
  • Friday, February 27 at Orlando – 7:00 PM (ESPN)
  • Sunday, March 1 at Boston – 1:00 PM (ABC)

Michigan Baseball

  • Wednesday, February 25 at North Florida – 7:00 PM
  • Friday, February 27 vs. Wisconsin-Milwaukee (at Jacksonville, FL) – 1:00 PM
  • Saturday, February 28 at. Jacksonville (DH) – 3:30 PM
  • Sunday, March 1 vs. Akron (at Jacksonville, FL) – 10:30 AM

Also of note, SPRING TRAINING starts this week!!! WOOO!!! That said, the Tigers have tilts against the Braves, Nationals, Jays, Mets and Pirates this week. Mama CHollis will be taking in the game against the Nats, so I will see if she can send me some pictures for your viewing pleasure.

Game of the Week

Sharks Red Wings Hockey

Wings: Wednesday, February 25 vs. San Jose – 7:30 PM (FSN Detroit)


If you want context on why this game is important, point your browser in this direction. If you want some interesting lead-up to the game, Jennifer Leggio and I are guaranteed to have some interesting banter taking place all over Twitter, so feel free to follow myself (chollis) and Jennifer (mediaphyter) for all the fun. I believe one bet is already in place, and there could be more on the way. **UPDATE: So Jennifer has informed me that she was trying to put a bet in place with another person, who couldn’t bet and who apparently suggested me as a replacement. However, no details were settled, so no bet is in place. TRANSLATION: Jennifer knows the Sharks are going to lose and is backing out. WEAK.

Non-Michigan/Detroit Game You Shouldn’t Miss


22. Washington vs. 14. Arizona State – Thursday, February 26 – 8:00 PM PST

Gotta give the nod to the local game, as this one is HUGE for the Pac 10 standings. Washington holds a slim half game lead heading into this one, and controls their own destiny when it comes to winning their first outright Pac 10 regular season championship since 1952-53. This one is guaranteed to be good, which means I HIGHLY doubt I will be able to get tickets to it. Oh well, GO DAWGS!

A Final Thought:

At best, the Pistons go 1-3 on this road trip. 0-4 wouldn’t surprise me. Ugh.


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  1. Joel

    I think you are required to post the picture and respond in kind re: Marker’s Mark ad in Columbus, Ohio.

    Let’s see what you’re made of, kid. 😉

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