Hello, Goodbye


The Daily has confirmed that Steven Threet is dunzo at Michigan:

“I have decided to transfer from the University of Michigan,” Threet wrote in the statement. “I have requested and received my release. I do not yet know where I will continue my collegiate career, and have no further comment until that decision is made.”

Happy Monday to you too!

Kneejerk reaction: I’m surprised, but I don’t know why. I have thought over and over again to myself that the arrivals of Tate Forcier and Denard Robinson would surely spell the end of the Threet era at Michigan. Yet I read this and don’t know why I didn’t listen to myself.

Anywho, this leaves Michigan in an interesting position, with Forcier and Robinson likely battling for the starting job. After that: Nick Sheridan, The Coner and Nader Furrha. I suppose RichRod could move Justin Feagin back over from the slot if need be, but it looks like our hopes and dreams live with Forcier/Robinson.

As for Threet, it’s understandable that the writing may have been on the wall for him, but to not even stick around and try and earn the job makes you wonder about what this kid is made of. He had the makings of a decent quarterback at Michigan, and would have easily competed for a starting position this year. But for the second time in his career he has walked away from a program. It’s going to be very tough for him to succeed at a big name program, and I don’t expect that’s where he will wind up. That said, best of luck to him.

As for Michigan: Not much we can do until spring practice. Except lose some more sleep.


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