Get out the paintbrushes…

Clicking through the blogosphere, I found an interesting contest over at Spawn of MZone. Here are the specifics:

“One of our readers (I think it was GoBlueBob, but the original email is gone. Please let me know if it was you and I will give specific credit) sent us this BO icon image he created using the now popular OBAMICION generator. I tried to create a similar Rich Rodriguez icon during the season using photoshop, but the ease of use of this web-based application is amazing. At this point my mind is buzzing with other fun iconic images and the possibilities are endless. I quickly created a RR NINJA FOOTBALL this morning to test it out. 


As a result, I am now motivated to launch the Spawn of MZone OBAMICON contest for the most original and entertaining reader submitted icon.

1) Send us your images to our email address spawnofmzone (at) gmail dot com
2) T9 and I will gather them up and select 10 finalists from the entries.
3) We will have a vote for the winner.

Entries must be received by midnight on Thursday — I will post the voting poll on Friday. Voting will close out a week later. Winner will claim the title of ICON KING (or QUEEN) OF THE SPAWN NATION and have their winning image posted as part of our sidebar.”

What are you waiting for? Head on over to Spawn and get after it!


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